Rebesana Introduces New Product Revolutionizing Healthy Aging

Rebesana, a company dedicated to healthy aging and longevity, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new type of healthy aging supplement that will revolutionize the way we approach aging. After years of studying science-backed research on health and aging, orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Carl Giordano developed a proprietary supplement that targets health on a molecular level. The supplement, backed by scientific publications, delivers a direct signal to cellular pathways in order to maintain health, longevity, and an athletic lifestyle as we age. Rebesana combines five nature identical molecules that support and maintain DNA, maintain cellular defense, boost energy, and more.

Rebesana combines NMN, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Berberine, and Astragalus, which work in tandem to give cells the power to maintain their cellular identity and function. These ingredients have been extensively studied over a 10-15 year period and have been shown to provide molecules that actively work to replenish and rejuvenate the cells responsible for maintaining healthy function. Rebesana works on the different and overlapping cellular systems to help promote lifespan, healthspan, and a more athletic life.

“We all know that aging is inevitable, but aspects of it can be slowed and even reversed helping people live more active lifestyles as they age. Scientists from around the world have identified that targeting the three longevity gene pathways is the most effective way to slow and reverse aspects of aging. Our synergistic formula, Rebesana, is powerful because it’s more than just the sum of its parts,” says Carl Giordano, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Rebesana. "Rebesana is a longevity supplement that supports genetic health, boosts immunity and energy, removes inactive cells, and regenerates new ones — by supplying nutrients above what you can obtain from ingesting these nutrients from natural sources or vitamins. We formulated Rebesana with the ingredients that can actually maintain our cellular tissues and nudge our biological clock. We can fight external signs of aging all day long, but it’s changing your health on a molecular level that is the true fountain of youth”

All components of Rebesana have a long safety record. Rebesana is free of soy, gluten, dairy, GMOs, coloring, flavoring, and preservatives. Rebesana is GMP certified and made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility. Each ingredient is tested and formulated from the highest quality to ensure purity, consistency, and performance.

Extended use of these key active ingredients has been shown to increase positive results. Rebesana targets the cellular process to maintain our tissues and nudge our biological clock in our favor. Rebesana is available as a monthly subscription at

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About Rebesana (product from Educated Life Choices, LLC)
Developed by Dr. Carl P. Giordano, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, Rebesana uses unique scientifically-based formulas that combine five nature identical compounds and molecules to support genetic health and fill essential nutritional needs that diet, exercise, and vitamins can’t provide. Some of the components of this patent-pending formula are being tested by NASA and US Special Forces to promote endurance and strength. Rebesana is leading the next revolution in health and wellness by offering solutions to people who want to stay healthier longer. Learn more about the research and product by visiting
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